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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my clothes be finished?

We process clothes Monday through Saturday. All dry cleaning brought in by 9am each day is cleaned that same day and typically ready by 5pm. We are one of the few dry cleaners in Morris and Passaic counties that will process clothes on Saturday.

Where can I find coupons?

Discount coupons can be found on our Google listing page. We also have coupons available in our stores at the counter. Our coupons never expire.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we are starting a pick-up/drop-off service for those customers living within 3 miles of our Wayne, NJ store. Dry cleaning prices will be the same as our in-store prices. We will add a delivery charge of $2.00 per garment with a minimum of 10 garments per pick-up. Credit cards will be accepted for this service.

What are your store hours?

Store hours in both Wayne and Parsippany are as follows:
Monday thru Friday 7am to 6pm
Saturday 7am to 4pm
Sunday 10am to 2pm

Why do you require payment in advance?

To keep our costs down. While other cleaners are left with the expense of cleaning clothes that are never picked up, we are not. Those cleaners that permit you to pay when you pick up compel their paying customers to absorb the losses from those customers who do not pick up their clothes in a timely manner. We do not use “up-charges”. Up-charges are additional fees added onto the base price of having a garment cleaned. Most high priced cleaners will add an extra charge for pleats, silks, linings, etc. If they told you the total cost of your dry cleaning when you dropped off your dry cleaning, most likely you would go elsewhere. All of our prices are posted in the stores for all to see—before you decide to drop off garments.

Is your quality as good as I can get at high priced cleaners?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It’s really dependent on the owner of the store or the person who has conducted the training. Some “discount” cleaners do not take the time to pre-spot stains. There are also a few discount cleaners that take short cuts during the pressing process to save time and money. These activities do not occur at our stores. We don’t believe you should get less because you pay less.

Do you dry clean your clothes on site?

Yes, 100% of the garments we accept are dry cleaned and pressed in either our Wayne or Parsippany plants.

Is your process different from other dry cleaners?

Yes and no. Yes in that we have the training and equipment to process large volumes of clothing quickly and efficiently. No because we buy from the same suppliers and use the same types of cleaning and pressing equipment and cleaning solvents as those cleaners charging more than double what we will charge you.

Why do some cleaners charge so much?

A lot of what you are paying for at high priced cleaners is convenience. If a dry cleaner has drop stores, or delivery routes, or uses fancy packaging, or uses specially printed ploy bags—all of these things have a cost, which must be paid for. Many times cleaners will charge more simply because they can—meaning they will charge what the traffic will bear. They will charge it, if you will pay it. These cleaners typically attract customers looking more for convenience rather than solid value. But we understand that low price will only get us so far. We must have repeat business to grow our company to a profitable volume. If we do not put out a quality product our customers will not find our low prices compelling enough to come back to us time and again. They will go somewhere else.

What if I think I’m missing something from my order?

There are several checks and balances throughout our process; however it’s the customer’s responsibility to check each order before leaving the store. Once you leave the store, you release us from liability, so please check your order before leaving.

What if I’m not happy with the cleaning or pressing quality?

If you are not fully pleased with any aspect of our work, please lets us know and we will cheerfully re-do the garment(s) at no charge to you.

Do you “wash” any of the garments I may bring in?

The term “washing”, to most dry cleaners means to clean in water with detergent much like you would wash at home in a home washer. We “wash” (launder) men’s shirts and we will wash in water/detergent those garments labeled “do not dry clean” or “hand wash”. We will also wash any garment we believe can be cleaned best using water and detergent, as opposed to dry cleaning it.

Are you a franchise?

No. Our stores were designed and built by the current owners. They have developed their own methods of operating highly efficient ‘one-price’ dry cleaning stores. Although franchises can be very helpful to those needing assistance and/or brand recognition, it is not needed here.

What if I want to own a Any Garment Cleaners?

If so, the owners are able to assist you in this endeavor. We are capable of fully supporting your efforts to get into this exciting venture. We will provide full store layout design with the architectural drawings needed to obtain the required municipal permits, working to see you receive the best possible selection/pricing of equipment, full responsibility to build out the store, sample advertising/marketing materials and most importantly full training for the store owners and employees. You should be wary of those making unrealistic claims of costs and are not upfront with their track record. There are those who will claim they will build out a “turn-key” store for modest fees, but they may not deliver as promised. Often these people will offer little to no hands-on training, so you are left to figure it out on your own. Training is our “secret-sauce”. Training is everything, because without intensive on-site training you cannot maximize your investment. We will stay with you, on site for weeks before and after the store opens, so that you are fully comfortable in running your store as customers come and go. Initial training will also take place at one of our existing stores in New Jersey as well at your new store once it opens.