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Have Us Build a One Price Discount Dry Cleaner


We have built out successful one price discount dry cleaning stores for several years. Our stores are different from the ‘traditional’ dry cleaning stores that typically charge full prices for their work. We build stores for people who have not previously been in the dry cleaning business. We work with the new owner to deliver a fully developed, turn-key operation including store layout and design, full store build-out and most importantly complete training of the store owner and employees to operate and grow a one price, discount, high volume, quick turnaround dry cleaning business. Recently a new trend has emerged in the dry cleaning industry. Many “corporate refugees” have gone into the dry cleaning business. Another trend is opening “one-priced cleaners”. While the equipment and cleaning methods that we use are the same as used in a ‘traditional’ (full price) dry cleaners, the “one-price” business model is radically different.

After years in corporate America many people yearn to go into business for themselves. Many of our customers come from this environment as they have grown weary of the politics, the stress, the travel and the nonsense of the corporate world.  We built and opened our first One-Price Dry Cleaners in February of 2010. The goal was to own a business that was a high margin service business that had a large percentage of repeat customers, a business that had little competition and was not “just another dry cleaner”. Within six months of opening, the store had 8 employees. The second year in business saw revenues grow significantly over the first year.  The second store opened in February of 2012 with current revenue exceeding expectations.

We are now offering to build one-price discount dry cleaning stores for others. This is a full service offering providing guidance, planning, construction and most importantly full on-site training in running a high-volume, low cost, one-priced discount dry cleaning business for those who are new to dry cleaning. We can build you a store in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. For additional information please call (908) 578-7200 or email us at: onepricedcusa@gmail.com.

The Opportunity

Are you looking for a service business:

  • That provides cash based revenue?
  • With a large percentage of repeat customers?
  • With little required inventory?
  • With no receivables?
  • With affordable labor costs?
  • With minimal comparable competition?

The existing dry cleaning industry is fully matured with little difference between cleaners. Many thousands of dry cleaners have gone out of business in the past few years.  Most of the remaining dry cleaners have experienced falling revenue during this “Great Recession” we are all living through. The typical dry cleaner today is owned and run by a husband and wife team with one or two employees. They take in garments for cleaning and deliver finished dry cleaning three to five days later, in most cases.

Oftentimes they will also provide shirt laundering and alteration services. Mostly these services will be provided at full price. These stores are usually small and dark and come with nasty chemical odors. Typically customers have no idea how their clothes are actually cleaned. It is hard to know what happens behind that curtain the owner emerges from as he comes to the counter to greet his customers.

Our stores by contrast are bright and open. All equipment is on display and all pricing is plainly posted for the customer to see. There is no foul chemical smell in the store or on the freshly cleaned and pressed clothes. The stores deliver fully cleaned and pressed garments in 24 hours or less. Upon coming into one of our stores for the first time, it’s not unusual for the customer to exclaim “Wow!”.

One Price Philosophy

We found that customers hate to pay one price to dry clean and press a jacket, a different price for a lady’s dress, another price to clean a man’s pants and still another price (usually a higher price) to dry clean and press a lady’s silk blouse. At our stores, these garments and others are all dry cleaned and pressed for the same low price. Customers love it. They flock in.


  • Facilities–We will lay-out and build you a state of the art dry cleaning store. The store will be designed to process large volumes of clothing quickly and efficiently. We will select only the most productive systems to install in your facility. We will be a fully engaged project manager handling all details including preparing of construction drawings and working with you in obtaining needed approvals from local authorities. After permits are obtained, we will ensure all equipment is delivered, installed properly and is placed in service. We will guide the entire process including obtaining your Certificate of Occupancy (CO) from the local municipality.
  • Training—Many companies can build you a dry cleaning store, but very few will be able to train you how to successfully operate and grow a high volume, low cost, one price, discount, quick turnaround dry cleaning business. We will train you in one of our existing stores in Northern New Jersey as well as on-site at your newly built store once it opens.  The ‘secret sauce’ is in the training. For those who are new to dry cleaning, extensive hands-on training is absolutely essential for success. Without this training and continuous support when things go wrong (and they will go wrong) it would be very difficult to achieve success.
  • Operation—We will train you to quickly process large volumes of clothing through your store. Modern point of sale (POS) systems enable you to keep track of and locate any of the thousands of garments in a typical store. In addition your store will use modern “green” dry cleaning equipment that will comply with all governmental environmental regulations so that you can honestly proclaim that your store is environmentally friendly.


In addition to training, we will supply you with various sample advertising/marketing materials including sample newspaper/internet ads and customer coupons as well as a 30 second full production video (currently on our web site) that can be used on your web sites/Facebook/Twitter/cable TV commercials and customized for your individual store.

The Offering

The fees for all services listed below will run between $400,000 and $550,000 depending on equipment configurations. Specific quotes will be provided as we determine your goals. Deliverables include:

  • Consultations in planning your store.
  • Creation of original architectural drawings for municipal approvals to obtain construction permits.
  • Full responsibility for the build-out your store including equipment installation, equipment electric and equipment plumbing.
  • Overall project management from store design, full store build out and store Grand Opening.
  • Extensive on-site training of store owner(s) and employees. The training is the most valuable service we provide.
  • Ongoing phone support for three years after training is complete.
  • Once store is built and fees above are paid, there are no further payments due. No royalties or franchises fees of any kind. This is not a franchise.

Equipment needed to customize your store will be recommended and quoted.  While we do not provide direct financing, we can provide guidance and direction should you wish to apply for a federally insured SBA loan, as we have successfully been through this process in the past. For more information, please call (908) 578-7200 or email us at: onepricedcusa@gmail.com.

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